Our Honey Bee


It consists of an organic product produced from the nectar of wild flowers collected by thousands of bees in the mountains of the Ixil area. It does not contain any contaminants or additives, which guarantees its quality. It is an ideal food for children, students, seniors, athletes and convalescent persons.

It is also recommended for those who suffer from hypertension and hypotension, dyspepsia, heartburn and insomnia. Among its many properties we may mention:

• Decongests bronchi and lungs, relieves throat discomfort.

• Heals stomach and duodenal ulcers.

• Disinfects and heals injuries.

• It has softening and anti-inflammatory properties (cosmetic use).

• Due to its high content of potassium, it does not allow the development of an environment favorable for the growth of bacteria, and it is used as food preservative and cooked foods, which are enriched with its flavor.

• Due to its composition, mostly of sugars, it enables the formation of muscular mass, ideal for athletes and people who suffer from inefficient muscle mass. This includes the myocardium, thus being ideal for elder persons with heart problems or convalescents.

• It is used externally to relieve the inflammation of hemorrhoids.