Properties of Pollen
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 10:54


• Pollen helps in the recovery of cases with anemia or
• It helps increase a resistance to illnesses.
• It is a good bowel regulator.
• It is recommended during pregnancy and breast-
   feeding due to its great re-mineralizing properties.
• Recommended for sexual apathy and prostate
   problems due to its great content of zinc.
• It helps to recover appetite in convalescent persons.
• It regulates body weight both in obesity and thinness.
• It is an ideal food for athletes since it increases
   resistance for physical efforts.
• It reinforces the memory.
• It is very useful for diabetics, since it helps to regulate
   the glucose levels.
• It improves the sight.

Properties of Propolis:

Among the medicinal properties recognized for this product are:
• Antibiotic (bactericidal and fungicidal)
• Antiviral
• Antitumor
• Healing properties
• Anti-inflammatory
• Analgesic
• Anti-allergic
• Epithelizing
• Anesthetic
• Immune-stimulant Eating healthy and nutritious food
   ensures the future health of our children.